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App Introduction

What is Energy? Can energy be seen? Where do I get my energy from? Let's find out!

Short App Introduction

Food gives us energy. Our bodies need nergy for breathing, moving, growing and performing other life processes. Life processes take place in all living things.

Non-living things require energy to work too. There are different forms of energy. Find out what these different forms of energy can be used for.

Web Introduction

Media Assets

  • 1. Take pictures of food that gives you energy today.
  • 2. Show examples of types of food and how much energy it provides (this information can be found on food packaging).
  • 3. What are some sources of energy for non-living things?
  • 4. A moving object has kinetic energy. Is it true that the faster the object moves, the more kinetic energy it has? Carry out an experiment using a toy car and plastic cubes. Tabulate your results.