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App Introduction

Explore and document your outdoor learning experiences at the EEC!

Short App Introduction

Take pictures of the flora and fauna found at the EEC for use in studying the biodiversity of the Post Oak Preserve.

Web Introduction

Biology is the study of living organisms, including their structure, functioning, evolution, distribution, and interrelationships. As you progress through the camp complete the following tasks:

  • Take at least 10 pictures of different flora and fauna found at the EEC.
  • Using field guides and dichotmous keys, identify each organisms common name and its kingdom and order.
  • Take at least 4 pictures of hands-on field experiences that you participated in and write a brief 3-5 sentence caption detailing what you did and learned.
  • Based on your observations and outdoor field labs what can you conclude about the overall biodiversity of the EEC? Write a breif 3-5 sentence paragraph to justify your answer.

Media Assets

  • Take a photo of a insect
  • Take a photo of a flower
  • Take a photo of a tree
  • Make a video of a lab activity
  • Draw a picture of your favorite reptile
  • Write 3-5 sentences about your pond observations

Question 1

What are 3 examples of ABIOTIC factors in an ecosystem?

  1. water
  2. soil
  3. air
  4. weather
  5. sun

Question 2

The close relationship between two living organisms is called ____?

  1. Symbiosis

Question 3

Another word for a consumer is a ______________?

  1. Heterotroph