Class of 2017 Senior Class Trip

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App Introduction

We need your help!  The class advisors are trying to plan your Senior Class Trip.  They are asking that you help them to design the trip.

Short App Introduction

This trip may be taken anywhere in the United States (excluding Hawaii and Alaska).  You must choose 10 destinations and determine which is the best value.  You need to determine the route that you are going to take to visit these places.  You are leaving from Howard High School.  The trip will last for four days and three nights.

Web Introduction

There will be 75 students attending the trip.  You have to determine the total cost for the following items:

  • Transportation (bus, car, train, plane)
  • Destination ticket price (ex. Six Flags ticket price)
  • Gas
  • Hotel
  • Food

Some examples of websites that you may use are:,,,

Media Assets

  • Create a map of the route that you will take to the destination that is the most cost effective.
  • Include a picture of the destination you choose to be the most cost effective.
  • Create an itinerary (an example may be seen at for the four day three night trip that will be taken by the Class of 2017. In addition you will also need to create a packing list of the items that will be needed during the trip.

Question 1

Day 1:

  1. By the end of the class period on Monday you should have found 5 destinations with every cost per destination.

Question 2

Day 2:

  1. By the end of the class period on Tuesday you should have found the other 5 destinations with every cost per destination.

Question 3

Day 3:

  1. On Wednesday, you should choose you final destination choice and creating an itinerary.

Question 4

Day 4:

  1. On Thursday, be prepared to present your findings.