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App Introduction

Get a bug's eye view of the world with Bug Scouts, a Quest in which you take pictures of tiny things that a bug would see.

Short App Introduction

Bug Scouts is a Quest in whcih you take six pictures of tiny things a bug would see. Name the pictures "pic1" and "pic2," etc, and give them captions saying what they are. To let your phone camera focus on close-up things, you will put a magnifying lens in front of your phone lens.

Web Introduction

People usually focus on big things, like cars, houses, trees and other people. And we may overlook the little things around us, like blades of grass, ants, pebbles, and buttons. But little things are a big important part of our world.

So in Bug Scouts, we are going to become curious insects with cameras. We'll pretend we're ants, and we've just set up a new colony in a strange new place. Because we are scouts, our ant queen has asked us to go exploring our new territory, and come back with six photos of interesting things we find, three of living things and three of non-living things.

When you save each photo, give it a number title, like "pic1" and "pic2," and in the caption, type what is in the photo.

Ants can't see very far, so everything you shoot has to be close up-- about an inch or two from the camera. To let your phone camera focus that close, you can use a magnifying lens. If you have a "Macro Lens" that goes on your phone, that's great. If you don't have one, you can hold a magnifying glass in front of your camera. You will have to move your camera back and forth until the thing you're shooting is nice and clear. If you want to zoom into your image, you can use the "plus" sign on your camera screen. You tap it to zoom.

After you take a picture, the phone will ask if you want to "SAVE" it. If it looks fuzzy and out of focus, don't save it. Just save your best ones. And if you want to take MORE than six pictures, that's okay. Just make sure you have six that you like.

After you UPLOAD your photos, your leader will ask you to use them to create a SMARTWORK project-- either a slide show, an ebook, or a comic strip. The Smartwork might use just the pictures that you took, or your Leader might let your Bug Scout teams share their pictures with each other.

Media Assets

  • Make sure your phone camera has a lens that will let you take close-up photos
  • Pretend you are a tiny bug with a camera and take a close-up photo of something interesting that you find, living or non-living
  • If you like the picture, save it and name it "pic1." In the caption, say what it is.
  • Take at least six close-up pictures, three of living things and three of non-living things.