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Type of SmartWork:

Grade Band: 5-8

Subjects: Math

App Introduction

Try this quest to demonstrate your mastery of fractions! 

Short App Introduction

This quest is designed to make connections between fractions and the real world. Explorers will see what happens when fractions are doubled and when they're divided by half. 

Web Introduction

In this quest, you will be challenged to find fractions in the real world. After all, fractions are part of a whole and PARTS of things are everywhere! You'll be asked to figure out what the whole is.. is it a whole cup? is it a whole cake? is it a whole pizza?  Then, you'll be asked to demonstrate what happens when you multiply your fraction by 2 and divide your fraction by 1/2.  What are the results? 

Media Assets

  • Take a photo of your fraction
  • Write a note about the WHOLE (What is it a part of?)
  • Take a picture of your fraction when it is doubled.
  • Take a picture of your fraction when it is divided in half.
  • Write a word problem that could go along with your fraction.

Question 1

Doubling is another word for...

  1. multiplying by 2
  2. dividing by 2
  3. leaving it alone.

Question 2

Cutting something in half is the same as...

  1. dividing by 2
  2. multiplying by 1/2
  3. all of the above

Question 3

What is 1/2 of 1/2?

  1. 1/2
  2. 1/4
  3. 1/8
  4. 1/12