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Type of SmartWork: Slideshow, Book

Grade Band: K-4

Subjects: Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts

App Introduction

E.K. Powe is under construction!  Let's go on a walk about and see how our school has been improved, how it has been taken care of, cleaned up and what we'll need to do make sure everything is done to protect our school and community!

Short App Introduction

You will take photos, notes, and write short descriptions of your celebrations and of your concerns.  We'll take these celebrations and concerns to our administration and our Construction Superintendent.

Web Introduction

Look for

-improvements to our building

-things you can tell have been fixed

-problems caused by the construction

-enviromental hazards

-trash and construction causing hazards or safety concerns

-environmental beautification

-other things that catch your attention

Media Assets

  • Take a Photo
  • Write Something
  • Draw a Picture
  • Make a Video
  • Capture Sound
  • Make a Map