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Type of SmartWork:

Grade Band: K-4


App Introduction

This is a Quest where you learn how to go on Quests. You'll use each of the Active Explorer collecting tools, and then do a SmartWork project.

Short App Introduction

To be an official, authorized, professional, expert, no-fooling-around Active Explorer, you need to successfully complete this Quest Quest. To do it, you need to use all six Active Explorer tools in your Tool Kit, and then use the stuff you collect to complete a SmartWork project. Good luck!

Web Introduction

Make Your First Quest The Quest Quest!

Quests are explorations where you learn about something. In this one, the thing you learn about are the Quests themselves.

For example:

  • What are they?
  • What sorts of stuff can you collect with your phone or tablet?
  • And after you collect stuff, what do you do with it?

You can complete the collecting part of this Quest in about fifteen minutes. The SmartWork can be done quickly if you don't have much time, but feel free to work on it as long as you like. Remember, you can log in and play Active Explorer from any computer that connects to the Internet!

To get started, enter the Quest Number and Password for this Quest into your phone or tablet.

Next, look at the To Do iist. It asks you to take a picture, record a sound, shoot a video clip, make a map, sketch something and enter some text.

Whatever you collect is what you'll use in your SmartWork project later. It really can be anything: you can take a picture of your foot, a video of something out the window, and the sound of you making a funny sound or singing a line from a song. You can sketch your friend, a rocket, a bunny-- whatever. For text, just write whatever you want.

When you're done with that, log out of Active Explorer on your phone, and log into Active Explorer on your computer. Everything you collected should be right there on your Explorer page, in your Quest Quest!

To complete your Quest Quest, use what you collected to make a slide show, ebook, poster or comic. Your assignment is to explain to other people what a Quest is, and maybe what you like or don't like about Active Explorer. You can share any ideas you have of interesting Quests you could go on. You could even make up a comic adventure about Quests. Whatever you want to do is fine.

When you have successfully completed your Quest Quest, you can proudly claim that you are an official Active Explorer. Feel free to create Active Explorer handshakes, secret passwords, hair styles, dances, songs and inside jokes.

Media Assets

  • Take a photo of something
  • Make a very short video of something
  • Capture the Sound of something
  • Make a Map of where you are
  • Draw a picture of something
  • Write something
  • You're Done!

Question 1

This Quest is:

  1. Easy
  2. Really easy
  3. Unbelievably easy
  4. Incredibly, unbelievably easy