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Type of SmartWork: Book

Grade Band: K-4, 5-8

Subjects: Science, Language Arts, Art & Music

App Introduction

Find and photograph ten different kinds of flowers, then make them the stars of your own book!

Short App Introduction

Find ten different kinds of flowers, take their pictures, and make up a book about them. Think about your book BEFORE you take your pictures. If it's a color book, you'll want different colored flowers. If it's a counting book for a little kid, you'll need different numbers of flowers in each picture.


Web Introduction

For your Book That Flower! Quest, come up with an idea for a flower book. It could be a counting book (One Daisy, Two Dandlions, Three Buttercups, etc.), or a color book (This Daisy is White; This Dandelion is Yellow, What color is this Rose?) for little kids. Or you could do a guide to the most common flowers in a park. Or a story book about flowers. Anything you want! Then:

  • Go out and take ten or more pictures of flowers to illustrate your book. For each photograph, add a caption that describes the flower. You can also make sketches with the sketch tool, and use those in your book, too.
  • For your SmartWork, use the Book tool to make a Title page for your book, arrange your flower pictures and add text.
  • Remember you can try different backgrounds and text colors. If you don't like the pictures you've got, you can go back outside and collect more.

Your Active Explorer Leader or other adults can help you figure out the names of each flower in your book. You can also use this website that has over 1000 of the most common flowers in the United States.


You can ask it to list only your part of the country to narrow down your search.

Have Fun and don't forget to share your book with your friends and family!

Media Assets

  • Think of an idea for a flower book
  • Go outside and use your Photo tool to take at least TEN pictures of different kinds of flowers
  • Make sure your pictures are nice and sharp (not blurry)
  • Add captions to each flower, writing as much as you can about it and what you think it is
  • You can also use the Sketch tool to draw pictures
  • After you're done collecting, go to your Explorer web page and use the Book tool to make your flower book!

Question 1

What season is it?

  1. Spring
  2. Summer
  3. Fall
  4. Winter