(Your Name Here) National Historical Site Quest

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App Introduction

It’s fifty years in the future, and the National Park Service wants to celebrate an amazing thing that you did as a computer scientist years ago. They’re creating a National Historical Site dedicated to you! Where will the site be? What will visitors learn about you?

Short App Introduction

Use your Active Explorer toolkit to collect photos, sketches and other things that will help future visitors to your National Historical Site learn about you and the amazing things you did as a young adult.

Web Introduction

Imagine it’s the year 2066, the National Park Service is celebrating its 150th birthday, and they’re making a brand new National Historical Site to celebrate what you did as a young computer scientist, way back in the 2020s!

Exciting, right?

But what did you do that was so great? Did you make a computer car that people could drive with their thoughts? Or a super wheelchair that had robot legs? Or a computer game that helped kids learn faster?

If you need some inspiration, here are some links to information about real people who have done cool stuff:

Women's Rights National Historical Park

Pioneering Women in Computing Technology

The Untold History of Women in Science and Technology

Timeline of Computer History

And here's a link to a National Park Service website for kids that has links to many of their real life National Historical Parks:

Junior Ranger Program

Now, think about what things people in the future will want to know about you when they visit your National Historical Site.  Will they get to see the desk you worked at? The computer you used? The orange peel from the orange you were eating when you had your amazing idea?

Use your Active Explorer toolkit to take photos, draw pictures, collect audio or video of everything to describe your National Historical Site. When you’re done, and you have wifi or phone access, hit the Upload button to save everything to your Active Explorer website.

Then go on line on a computer or tablet (with help from a parent or teacher if you’re under 13 years old) and go to www.active-explorer.com and log in. You’ll see everything you collected, and tools to help you make a Presentation or Ebook. Pretend you are the head of the National Park Service and tell the world about the brand new (Your Name Here) National Historic Site! But don't use your real name!  Use your made-up Active Explorer user name (of course when you become famous in real life, the National Park Service WILL use your real name).

You can add to your collection by uploading more pictures or other files from your computer desktop (it tells you how right on your Active Explorer page).

If you’d like to share your work with us, hit the Share With Leader button when you’re done. Parents: If you would approve of your child’s work being shown on the Active Explorer website, select the “Share with Public” box when sending the work to the Leader. You will receive an email confirming this selection, which you can then approve.

Have fun and use your imagination!

Media Assets

  • Decide what things will be in your National Historic Site (like maybe the house where you grew up, the place where you worked, or the items you used in your work)
  • Take photos, collect video or audio, or make drawings of everything using the tools in your Active Explorer ToolKit
  • When you're done, check what you've saved in your Backpack. Is it everything you need?
  • When you're mobile device has phone or wife access, hit Upload to send everything to your Active Explorer website.
  • Go to your website and make an ebook or presentation to tell the world about the (Your Name Here) National Historic Park!