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Active Explorer Privacy Statement


Active Explorer is a program intended for the use of teachers, after school providers and other educators (referred to as “Leaders”) and young people (referred to as “Explorers”) in their classes or out-of-school programs. Leaders create Quests, which are lists of images, audio, video, text, sketches and maps that Explorers collect using mobile devices, including phones and tablets. These media assets are saved to the Explorer’s web page. Explorers access the data they collect at this web page, which lets them use these assets to create posters, comic strips, ebooks and slide shows. These works can be shared with their Active Explorer Leader and fellow Explorers.

Privacy Statement

For Leaders:

Leaders wishing to participate in Active Explorer must register by providing their name, email address, and educational institution. They must also create a user name and password to access their account.

AAAS reserves the right to monitor accounts to ensure that the program is being used for its intended educational purposes and close down accounts if it deems their use inappropriate or otherwise not in keeping with the goals of this program.

AAAS keeps account information of Leaders for the purpose of informing them of new features, changes in policy, or concerns regarding their accounts. We do not share this information with anyone or use it for any other purpose.

AAAS does keep and aggregate usage information for this project for research purposes in keeping with our educational research goals.

Finally, Leaders are free to use the Share feature within Active Explorer to share any Quests they have created with other Active Explorer Leaders and with the AAAS. Doing so gives others full rights to use and modify the shared Quest in any way they wish.

For Explorers:

Active Explorer does not collect any personally identifiable information from children.

Children and youth wishing to participate in Active Explorer must register by creating a user name and password. They are strongly discouraged from using any personally identifiable information in both.

They are also required to give the email address of a parent or legal guardian; a notice is then emailed to the parent or guardian informing them about Active Explorer and their child’s participation in it. Parents and legal guardians can opt out of the program on behalf of their children by replying to this email.

Within the Active Explorer mobile phone and tablet app, Explorers are provided with a Flag button which they are instructed to activate if they think there is anything inappropriate or improper in any Quest. This notifies AAAS staff, who will then inspect the Quest and take additional action if warranted, including shutting down the Leader’s account. 

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